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How we started?

Mark Industries collaborated with a well-known German manufacturer, Schneider, to start its operations in Pakistan. Everything, from plant and machinery to raw materials were imported from Schneider in early 1996 which lead to the inception of Mark Industries in Pakistan.

First product launched?

With the help of German molds, machinery, assembly lines and raw materials, Mark Industries launched its first product Schneider Topball 8000 in 1996 in Pakistan. Since then, Mark Industries haven’t compromised in its entire supply chain be it molding machines, assembly lines or raw materials. Since quality is our motto, our raw materials are purchased from countries like Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

Mark Industries, since its first launch in 1996, has expanded into all arenas of Writing Instruments from Ball Points to Text Markers, Lead Pencils to Ink Correctors keeping quality constant to meet demands from its consumers globally.

The Pencil Unit

After many years of research and development, Mark Industries, in the year 2009, opened up a new division, Mark Unistar, for the production of Graphite and Colored Lead Pencils. Mark Unistar has since then matched the market trends to grow as one of the largest in black and color lead market. Its customer-driven focus has not only earned it a spot locally, but has leaded it to expand in the overseas market too.

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