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At Mark Industries, we understand that position comes with responsibility. Our responsibility for our current and future generations is pivotal as we grow. Hence, at Mark Industries, we fund, support and initiate projects for the society with the intent to promote an ambiance of worthy living.

Mark Industries Social Balance

Mark Industries, since its inception, has been vigilant towards human rights. At Mark Industries, we do not accept child labor or discrimination against any employee. We understand that growth is a collective, collaborated, continuous and indiscriminant effort. We value all our employees from different races, religions and backgrounds to work together and stop such imbalances.

Since our employees are our most valuable asset, Mark Industries commit to the principles of protecting human and employment rights. We commit to the ideology of fair wages along the entire supply chain.

Mark Industries Social Engagement

Mark Industries aim to promote Social Engagement by visiting SOS Village and special children. We take pride in engaging with these under privileged children and making them more aware of people who care for them. Mark Industries also promote education by providing basic needs for education to families who cannot afford sending their children to schools. We promote the concept, "Parhay ga Pakistan, tabhi tu Barhay ka Pakistan" to make Pakistan more literate.

Mark Industries Health Engagement

Mark Industries goes beyond providing basic health facilities to all our employees and their spouses as we feel that it is our core responsibility. We seek to foster to medical practices that promote better health, to improve employee motivation and raise productivity. Some initiatives include:

Regular Health Checks

Our employee is our brand ambassador! Their health is foremost to us. Thus, Mark Industries caters to provide every employee with basics health checks on a regular basis. These check-ups are in order to help employees maintain their health and prevent any infections or diseases.

Anti-Smoking Program

To prevent health hazards, Mark Industries has prohibited smoking on all premises during work hours. Seminars on Smoking Hazards have been an integral part of Mark Industries and it is mandatory on every employee to attend these seminars.

Preventing On-Premises Accidents

Regular drills for fire and disaster evacuation are conducted at Mark Industries. Since, we are an Industrial unit; we aim to maintain an accident-free record for injuries and provide safety measures for all employees in our manufacturing operations.

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